Staten Island, NYC: Complete Guide Accommodation in Staten Island

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Staten Island has 500,000 populated resident in city. This city has dozen place to visit. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey are near with Staten Island. Year over year, this place looked by people to live in, since Brooklyn was full populated.

If you like go to Staten Island, there are free service which can bring you to the town for free. This ferry run by Department of Transportation. There is express bus in Staten Island, this bus can bring you to the central city, and also can put you to Staten Island Rapid Transit(SIRT). Somehow, Staten Island folks usually go to Manhattan to work by this express bus.

Things About Staten Island, NYC

Architecture & Nice Place


As a island city, there are many bridge that’s will lead you to another neighbors. Bridge like Bayonne, Outerbridge and The Goethals all will lead you to New Jersey & Brooklyn. Since this island so vast, having car is common here. People love to explore by their own car, also there was many parking that’s ready for you.

Think to go to nice place here? Try Staten Island Zoo, Alice Housten House, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden and may more.

Things to do in Staten Island


Every city has their uniqueness, also for Staten Island. There are few things about Staten Island culture & things which would be your favorite.

  • Awesome people, mostly people here are very helpful and friendly.
  • Italian fare, you can find many restaurants, gastro-pubs, pizza, diners in italian way.
  • If you like to spend time for walking , cycling & hiking. Staten has wide green space.
  • Than others boroughs, you can spend your many and got more living space.

Food & Nightlife


Staten Island has big Italian Community, you will easily found Italian restaurants with pizza as main food, but in the corner of city, you can found food like Japanese food, Arabic, etc. Somehow people here are love to cook their own food, they are love to go to supermarket to buy any ingredients those they needs, cooking it to make sure their healthiness.

Most people spend their night in the city, go to Brooklyn or Manhattan to find lovely bars. This happened because here there is not much bar & isn’t much to do when night. Also if you found a bar, the bar close pretty early.

Hotels in Staten Island, NYC


We have listed some of worth hotels to stay when you visit Staten Island, some of this hotels built near with city.

  1. Ramada Staten Island
    A one stars hotel, Located in: Castleton Corners,NYC, Best deal: $93
  2. Comfort Inn Staten Island
    A three stars hotel, Located in: Travis – Chelsea, NYC, Best deal: $78
  3. Holiday Inn Express Staten Island West
    A two stars hotel, Located in: Travis – Chelsea, NYC, Best deal: $113
  4. Hilton Garden Inn New York Staten Island
    A three stars hotel, Located in: Bloomfield, NYC, Best deal: $125
  5. Hampton Inn & Suites Staten Island
    A three stars hotel, Located in: Bloomfield, NYC, Best deal: $133
  6. Holiday Inn Hotels Staten Island
    A four stars hotel, Located in: Travis – Chelsea, NYC, Best deal: $111
  7. Victorian Bed & Breakfast of Staten Island
    A two stars hotel, Located in: Port Richmond, NYC, Best deal: $130
  8. Fort Place Bed & Breakfast
    A two stars hotel, Located in: St George, NYC, Best deal: $120
  9. Harbor House Bed and Breakfast
    A one stars hotel, Located in: Rosebank, NYC, Best deal: $122

Thought Staten Island is different by another NYC cities like Manhattan & Brooklyn. This city is also still in development to be the next Brooklyn. We hope our guide would help you in the next future when stay to this city for any business things to do.

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